On the Superintendent's Book Shelf

Thank you for visiting this page!  I always have a book in progress - currently it is The Luster of Lost Things.  Here's what I've recently finished:

A Week of Mondays by Jess Brody:  A fun and quick read about a teenaged-girl who relives the Monday when her musician boyfriend broke up with her over and over again.  Think of this as the high school version of "Groundhog Day".   Will she ever get it right and prevent the break-up - or will she make a different choice and begin a new path? 

Unbelievable by Katy Tur:    Written by an NBC news reporter as she covered (then) presidential candidate Donald Trump on the election circuit.  This book contains a good deal of details and observations about the rallies that didn't often get shown on television each evening.

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook by Leslie Connor:  Very good fictional story about a boy born and raised in a minimum security prison and the marvelous community of friends who look out for him within the prison walls.  Can Perry uncover information that will allow his mother to be released?  Appropriate for grades 5 and up.

Each time I conclude a book, I wonder about its next life.  Some books are keepers and I save them on my shelves to revisit, borrow quotes from, or share with family.  Other books are sent off to our school librarians and classroom teachers to put in the hands of students. 


                                                   What are you currently reading?