Clubs and Clinics

Clubs and Clinics

Team Sports / Individual Sports

Recreation and fun abound on all playing fields and activity venues. Wide World of Summer has competition at all levels to assure that everyone can shine at something and enjoy trying new things. Our sports program is designed to maximize instruction and support friendly competition in all team sports. Our sports selection will vary each Summer. Please refer to the sign up form.

Kids in the Kitchen

Campers become classic chefs during our cooking program. Age-appropriate recipes allow campers to create their own treats and snacks in a supervised environment. Allergies and preferences are also considered when choosing what will be prepared for this activity.

Talent Show

Our instructor teaches the campers to enter imaginary worlds while unleashing their natural stage talents.
***Students who wish to sign up for talent show should want to perform on stage in front of an audience.

Game Room

From carnival games to board games to table games, we have it all. Our game time club is designed to provide entertainment to each child. Our instructors will teach about sportsmanship and strategy through many different types of game venues.

Camp News

Wide World of Summer News had its first publication in 2009. Those interested in following the daily activities and special events that the Wide World of Summer brings should write for the WWS News. Our instructor will teach the basics of journalism, newsletter layout and production. If you want to be a news reporter then sign up for Camp News.


Lessons of Mosaic history, origin, and technique will be learned through the design of various images. Our campers will assemble small pieces of colored materials through the use of stone, ceramic and other cubic small pieces.

Weird Science and Nature

Weird Science and Nature is designed to draw from the major topics found in science. From exhilarating nature walks to fun experiments your day may include tornados and exploding volcanoes or making homemade ice cream and gumdrops from gelatin. You never know what the day will bring so be prepared to be excited.

Artistic Creations

Campers will take part in various projects such as constructing and painting their own clay castles, participating in architectural design, painting a landscape and airbrushing.


Campers who are entering 1st grade or older learn interesting archery facts, the parts of the bow and the arrow, and hands on instruction on shooting at targets. Campers use recurve bows and field tip arrows. Armguards are provided, and campers follow strict archery range rules whenever at the range. The National Archery Association of the United States certifies our Archery instructor.


Campers will take participate and learn many new styles of dance including but not limited to Hip Hop, Jazz Exercising and Line Dancing.

Paper Mache

In our Paper Mache club, campers will have the opportunity for their imaginations to run wild while working with various types of paper mache products. A smock or old tee shirt will be needed during these sessions as our campers tend to become messy.


Scale to fit designs are created as our cartooning expert teaches the campers the basics of drawing popular cartoon characters and more.

Helping Hands

This program serves as an extension of our Character Club. Helping Hands gets the campers involved in and out of the community by reaching out to help those in need. Past projects include participation with St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Parsippany Animal Shelter, and the Raptor Trust.

Fitness Games

Our physical fitness specialist will organize various leisure games by using all forms of physical activity and team building skills.